John Jeffers

Founder/Producers/Host - CRN Overlord

John started CRN and is a regular host of the Jeffers Brief. John is the one who makes things happen while managing the bills and the day to day workings of the network

Donald Lowery


Donald takes care of all the editing and production works for the network. He got started as a youngster in the radio industry and to this day records voice overs for clients around the world. He is also the host of The Conservative Underground here on CRN

Mark Boyle

Director of Design/Host

Mark does a lot of the design work as well as web design. He is also the host of Prepper Guy, and co-host of the Two Crazy Guys with co-host Donald Lowery

Together They Are A Team

John, Mark, and Don seem to run on full throttle at all times. With managing the bills, the hosting, the web page, and the new affiliate marketplace, there never seems to be enough time in the day. But somehow, it always get's done.

The calendar never stops around CRN. We continue to try and provide the best we possibly can. 

The new affiliate program will offer a chance for you to join for FREE, and earn a few dollars just referring sales to the different digital products being put into place.

You can also check us out on Social Media such as Facebook and Mumblit.